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This special program outlines exactly how estate planning, living trusts, power of attorneys, living wills and wills work in our state. Simply fill in the form below and get instant access to download my FREE Estate Planning & Living Trust program.

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The Truth About Living Trusts

"The Truth About Living Trusts in Colorado: How to Protect Your Spouse, Your Children and Your Money"

If you live in Colorado and you are thinking about creating a living trust, then you need to know the facts about how a living trust works in Colorado.

That is where I come in. My name is Jeffrey Marks. I am an Estate Planner and Financial Advisor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. For over 30 years I have been specializing in estate planning & living trusts throughout Colorado.

I have helped hundreds of families set up a rock solid revocable living trust and I can help you too. Just a few days ago I interviewed Estate Planning Attorney Joan Goldsmith on the phone, and we talked about everything you need to know about estate planning, living trusts, last wills and testaments, living wills and power of attorneys, even the new 2011 Estate Tax Law and how it affects Colorado residents.

This call lasted for close to 1 hour and you can download the entire estate planning and revocable living trust program for free. I am doing this because I want more people in Colorado to have accurate information about estate planning and revocable living trusts so you can make smarter decisions.

This report is designed to help you quickly get up to speed about living trusts and estate planning in Colorado so that you can avoid wasting thousands by making mistakes.

Here is What You Will Learn:

• How to choose between a standard will and a living trust...
• Step-by-step strategies for avoiding probate in Colorado...
• How to transfer assets into a living trust in CO...
• How a living trust reduces or eliminates estate taxes...
• How to make sure your estate goes where you want it to go...
• How to find the right CO attorney without wasting thousands...
• Questions to ask your CO attorney before you prepare a living trust...
• How to protect assets if you go into a nursing home in CO...
• And much more...

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Jeffrey Marks
Estate Planner and Financial Advisor
Colorado Springs, CO

Questions About Estate Planning in Colorado? See Answers Inside…

Complete the Form Below and Get Instant Access to my FREE Estate Planning & Living Trust Program

Q. What’s the difference between a Will and Living Trust in CO?

A. Wills do not avoid probate in CO because they are not… (Read the rest inside!)

Q. How can I protect my assets for my spouse and children?

A. There are several documents that protect your family while you’re living and after you pass, they include… (Read the rest inside!)

Q. How does the NEW 2012 law help me save estate taxes?

A. Congress made a lot of changes. Here’s what it means for you and your estate… (Read the rest inside!)